I have had my laparcopy on the 5th of may 2017 and they had found endo the doctor has said that my uterus and tube were fine . She advised me to go on the pill but I wanted to start a family asap . Three months later nothing as happened I havnt fell on and my pains have returned 10x time's worse I am on contest strong pain relief and have another operation booked for the 8th August 17 . I feel like I have gone back to stage one with added problems from the first operation. It's been a battle for 7 years or more and is completely draining . I feel very selfish and a let down because very one seems to be able to pregnant and here's me the failure yet again . I'M sorry self pitty time just need to unload a little . It makes me so sad to see how many people are affect by this disease who really deserve kids x


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