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Acute period pain 4mths after Laparoscopy For Endometriosis. Normal ?

Hi all, I had extensive adhesion's cut away 4mths ago due to Endometriosis. After surgery I was told by my surgeon that pretty much everything was stuck together in my pelvis but that the Endometriosis was no longer active. Im currently in tears with what I think is period pain in my back and pelvis. Pain started this morning + has now got soooo painful I can barely move. Its been 6 wks since my last period so Im guessing its pre menstrual cramps.These have been v painfull since my op. Is it normal to experience such painful periods 4 mths after surgery or is my Endo back. Ive no idea why my Endo was no longer active or indeed if it can start again ?. I was offered no follow up Gyni apt. Please respond if you have any adviceas It can take so long to get a Gyni apt. I dont know wheteher to ask my Doc to be re referred.Thanks in advance X

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Hi Fiddles, sorry to hear about this. Unless you are trying to conceive you'd do best to stop your cycles if you can. I'm surprised you haven't had a follow up.

You need to be put on either a progesterone pill (visanne is good but not in the UK.) Or a pill that suits endo like Yasmin (worked well for me for years) and suppress your cycles as much as you can. On Yasmin I used to at least be able to tricycle - so only 4 menstral cycles a year.

I'm on provera at the mo and I'm bleeding after a six month bleed free time on visanne.

You need to get specialist help to manage your endo.

I hope you feel better soon.

For bad pain codeine, naproxen or tramadol. Tramadol can knock most pain out but it is addictive.

Hope this helps. It's crap but there are millions of us living with it xx

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Hi Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post. I have been down the Hormone injection route before but it made me feel terrible emotionally + didnt help with the pain. I guess its because I have pain throughout my cycle, not just on my periods. When my surgeon told me she found no active Endo I naively thought that awful journey was over for me. I didnt think for 1 second it would return + certainly not just 4 mths after surgery. The thought of going back to how bad my life was before, living in daily pain + missing out on so much of life is terribly daunting. I wish Id have been forewarned that it was going to come back. Sorry to sound bleak but its been an awful shock to know I will always suffer with this debilitating illness that most people have no understanding or empathy for. In my experience Invisible disabilities are often met with disbelief. Which doesn't help.

Anyway, wishing you all the best xx


I'm dealing with the same situation. It's very tough. I had the jab it didn't work, I missed one period. With the pill you can at least tricycle and stop the worst times of pain. I also get pain throughout the month and it's getting worse. Time for another surgery. X

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