Endometriosis pain with ovulation


I am 42 have 4 kids had 5 losses. A few years before my third baby was born I started to get extream pain in my abdomine. First doctor said it was internal thrush but then noticed it's the same time every month. I had an internal scan when I have the pain showed shadows on my overies, they cysts that ripen and burst during ovulation so put it down to that, and that was 17 years ago. 7 years ago I had a laparoscopy showed no cysts no sign there were any but he did find endometriosis which they removed. The pain every ovulation is so bad I can't move my whole pelvis is alight, pain is in back pelvis virgina tops of my legs. Last night I cried my self to sleep then awake in agony at 1.45 had to go and get pain killers, I feel like crap today and still in so much pain. Is anyone else suffering like this or is it just me.

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I do have pain in ovulation, but nothing on that scale. I feel for you and hope you get it sorted x


Omg! Can't believe you haven't had a hysterectomy!!! What is wrong with doctors today? I have a lot of hip pain, groin, front of thigh glute and back of thigh. I had hysterectomy many years ago. Not female issues. Took 6 years to find I have labral tear in the cartlidge of my hip along with fai impingement. Which was found with MRI with contrast. Will not show on reg MRI. If pain does not stop ladies after hysterectomy have hip and low back MRIs done.vi also have herniated disc. Do not discard hip issues. MRI with contrast!!!


Have you had a hsg done to check your tubes I know exactly what your going through no painkillers touch the pain I couldn't walk sit or nothing it is the most horrific pain ever. My heart goes out to you. When I had my lap in Feb they did a hsg also because of pain with ovulation and the fact I haven't conceived in 2.5 years. My tubes were slow either endo or scar tissue from c section. They told me to get ready to go see fertility clinic and if I did fall pregnant soon it would most likely be ectopic. I found serrapeptase a systemic enzyme and started taking it its cleared my tubes and I managed to conceive unfortunately I lost it but it's more than what happened in 2.5 years. Now my ovulation pain is about a 2 nothing compared to the most horrific pain ever I would happily go through labour contractions than have that ovulation pain it's the worst pain iv ever experienced. Hope you get some relief soon hope this helps. Xx

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