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Could I have endo?

Hi, I'm new to the group and have been reading some of the posts with great interest. I've been back and forward to the gp with various "gastro" and pelvic issues over the last few years but because I suffer from anxiety they never seem to take me seriously! I have fairly intense lower back pain which radiates down my legs at times, I had a spinal X-ray which was clear. I am starting to think the back pain changes depending on what point in my cycle but not sure. I have very heavy periods lasting up to a week, to the point where I can bleed through clothing in an hour! My period has been getting further apart, usually 35 days but the last one was the full 6 weeks, leaving me looking and feeling pregnant, swollen tummy, boobs huge, totally fatigued. Last cycle I had a mild bleed twice whereas it's normally only once on ovulation. Basically I'm exhausted but still pushing myself to work and gym etc, I have a very active lifestyle, but despite this I seem to be piling on weight!! Sorry it's rather long winded but any help much appreciated!

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Being in so much pain and not getting any answers is just awful. Ask your GP to refer you to a gynae who can also do laparoscopic surgery. The only way to fully diagnose endo is to have a laparoscopy. It does not show up on X-rays or ultrasounds unfortunately. Good luck!


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