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Hello, I have been going through so much this past year. I went to a urologist and he talked to me for a hour did some test and said you have IC. He said i will call you for a date for your next apt time. I walked in three more times. I had to get fmla because i was having awful pain and flares. I had to go to the urgent care three times and would tell them i am in major pain and something was wrong. I was getting no where and it was getting worse. I saw my Gino this past week and she did test and said have you ever heard of endo? I said no. She said i feel you have it and we will get to the bottom of this. My periods are so bad i cry and can not walk at times. A year later i think things might be going somewhere. Trying to work full time and living this life is awful! I feel i am going to have to sign a pain agreement just to have some relief from this pain. I am afraid and worried i have the job i have dreamed of and fear of getting fired. I am just a mess...i need answers. Don't understand this pain i have been having. If i move the wrong way i hurts.

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Hi, sorry to hear you are having such a bad time. Here we all know about severe pain and you'll get some support.

Has your gynaecologist said she will arrange a laparoscopy? To confirm a diagnosis of endo, that's what you need.


She want to start with a ultrasound first. She is stopping my periods i will just have four a year. She wants to do the laparoscopy at a latter time she said she wants to start with the bleeding first. I have leave for my IC so i will have to apply for it for endo. Do not know how long that will take.


Hi, the ultrasound won't show the endo. I wonder why she's starting with that? Maybe she thinks you might have a cyst? They can be very painful. But if endo is a possibility then a laparoscopy really is the next step. If it is simply diagnostic, then it's only a few days off work in my experience.

Sorry, I don't know what IC is?


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