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Post laparoscopy pee problems

(That's a catchy title!)

So I had a laparoscopy on 30th June under a general gynae which no endo was found so now I'm waiting to see a specialist.

They only checked my pelvis.

I have been having issues going to wee ever since my surgery.

I visited my GP yesterday after I finished a course of antibiotics for a suspected UTI and my symptoms not improving and he said sometimes the gas can cause irritation of the bladder and I just need to wait it out?

How long do I wait?

I mean I'm drinking litres of water a day and going to the loo maybe even once or twice a day.

It's incredibly annoying as I feel the urge to go, sometimes even run to the toilet feeling I'm bursting yet nothing comes.

I've tried drinking cranberry juice too but no luck.

Has this happened to anyone else?

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My Bladder problems have been worse since my op, feels a bit like cystitis, but don't think it is . Someone on here recommended cystitis sachets for after the op; I only started on them this morning and starting to feel better already. Worth try ?

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Can I get them at boots or do they need a prescription? I'm thinking if it's not improving by Monday I'll need to go back to the GP because it's really quite annoying / painful! Xx


Yes you can buy them over the counter. Worth shot, but maybe also make an appointment to go back to your GP for Monday in case they don't help. In the meant time they may help ease it over the weekend for you x

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