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Endo and ivf

Hi everyone. I joined this forum a while ago but haven't been on here for a long time. I was finally diagnosed with endo after nearly 20 years this year. Been ttc for over 4 years and have been added to the ivf waiting list. I'm hoping someone can help. I suffer the most extreme pain around ovulation and am worried if this will be worse with the ivf injections as releasing 1 egg a month has landed me in hospital with the pain. I'm wondering if my ovaries being over stimulated to produce more eggs will mean more pain? Has anyone else been through this? I'm so nervous about the potential of more pain I keep changing my mind of whether or not to go ahead with it. Thanks in advance x

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Hi there

This would certainly be something you would need to speak to your clinic about. I overstimulated to ivf drugs and was in a terrible state. My whole abdomen was filled with fluid due to my ovaries getting so huge. I was told at the time i had pcos and didn't know then, but I also had endo for nearly 20yrs too. Funnily enough when having an ultrasound via nhs after my daughter was born, they said i didn't have pcos!?

I have recently been wondering (having only just been diagnosed after 20 yrs of pain) if the endo contibuted to the pain. I should of been honest and stated how bad i was feeling prior to having the embryo transfer. It would of most definately of been cancelled, but I was desparate and knowing it would of been our only try of ivf i wasn't giving up! It paid off and i now have my little firework who is my 4yr old daughter 💜 but it could of ended horribly!

I am yet to reseach into whether endo affects ivf so if i find anything useful, i will let you know

Good luck x


I had an ivf cycle last yr- i have mod/ severe endo with cyst on my ovary.

I didnt have much pain at all during the cycle, it was more just uncomfortable however when my cycle ended the pain was horrendous!

My pain usually starts from day my period starts all way up to and after ovulation.

You will prob be ob long protocol to suppress everything first and i think this helps with endo x


Thankyou, I'm definitely going to be asking in my first appointment. I keep changing between thinking my body's been through enough already and then thinking but whats a bit more. Xx


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