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10 months after my first laparoscopy and it's all back 😢

Just 10 months after my lap and I'm in so much pain again. Have booked a doctors appointment to see the doctor who referred me to the gynaecologist as I thought he would be best to see him. My stomach feels as bad as it used to along with my back and legs. I can't stand when I get a bad flare up normal painkillers do nothing and codeine just makes me tired and feel out of it so I really feel like I don't know what to do. I'm tired all of the time and bleeding for a week then have a few days where it stops and then I start bleeding again even though I have the coil and when I was signed off from the gynaecologist she told me I would no longer have periods! I honestly don't know what the doctor will suggest? I feel so fed up and in pain constantly any help or advice on what to do would be very much appreciated xx

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I understand exactly how you feel. I had the same thing after my first lap. It was awful because I went from feeling cured (I realise now that was silly of me) to feeling back to square one within nine months.

I had exactly the same experience with Mirena, I seemed to just bleed constantly for the 8 months I had it, with only occasional days without bleeding xxx


I felt exactly the same after the lap I really thought that was going to be it! Have you been back to the doctors at all? Xxx


Yes I've since had another lap and likely to need another op soon xxx


I'm sorry to hear that! Did you have excision surgery or another method? Hang in there! Xxx


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