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To HRT or not?

Hi ladies,

Thank you all for the posts I have read which have been a real source of help over last 12 mths. I m looking for advice, last year I was diagnosed with severe Endo and adenomyosis and underwent total hysterectomy with bso . Since then i have been on combined HRT due to my age (43) . There is residual Endo on pelvic ligaments that were inoperable possibly only 10%. However the pain now can be severe, gynae have diagnosed neuropathic pain and have referred me onto persistent pain Team with a view to be discharged completely from the service. My Endo nurse has been supportive but I m not totally sure of the diagnosis of neuropathic pain.

My quandary is whether to try ceasing the HRT , to reduce the oestrogen and see if this affects the pain. Has anyone had similiar experiences and how did you get on?

Your thoughts would very much help.

Best wishes ladies

K xx

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