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Disappointed endocrinologist appointment


Really hoping someone can help!

Went to see a endocrinologist today and was left so disappointed I was in so much endo pain my tummy was swollen I had pelvis and hip pain back pain could hardly stay awake my fatigue was that bad had an anxiety attack in front of him and he's done nothing except tell me to have bloods done in 3 weeks all he was interested in was my fertility! Feeling like this that's the last thing on my mind phoned my gp after and they said they can't help till the hospital writes to them like what do I do with the pain in the meantime!?

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Your GP can prescribe pain relief. Push again and don't let them off the hook.

Other non chemical things to try ( if you haven't already) are: tens, acupressure, acupuncture and meditation. Some ladies use tiger balm.

Also look at diet (avoiding inflammatory foods like dairy and gluten and processed stuff particularly if sugary that cause bloating)

Supplements: turmeric and rosehip I believe is meant to aid inflammation reduction and you can buy supplements. Glucosomine may help with joints, I bough some but haven't yet tried anything as I go into surgery next week.

Anti histimines are also meant to have some anti inflammatory properties and may help your immune system but that my be personal to me.

Hang in there x a

Can you try get a second opinion from a different endocrinologist? - that was so unprofessional. I am using a Castor oil wrap to help my pain as I am still getting pelvic pain 2 months after my 2nd laproscopy as one of the cysts had started to twist towards my pelvic bonr.

You need castor oil, cotton cloth, plastic and a hot water bottle. It works wonders as the castor oil acts as an anti-inflammatory. There is even youtube videos to talk you through it. :) I find pain killers do not work for me anymore so my hot water bottle is constantly in use in the evneings and works better than any pain killers.

Thanks for this gonna try the packs for sure as painkillers do nothing for me either I've had two laps now and have just gotten worse and been left! I'm going to see if I can be referred to a specialist centre there's one 2 hours away but if it's better it's worth the journey

Yes, your health is your priority.

I have started seeing an acupuncturist to get my hormones regulated as I have had major side effects since getting the mirena inserted during my last op. It is early days, but I already feel better - sleeping better, (was only sleeping 4 hours a night and the insomnia was affecting my work and personal life) less hot flushes and mood swings and the nausea is gone.

I agree with Starry. I have started to change my diet also to eating less dairy and gluten (because lets be honest, it is impossible to cut them out completely) - it is not easy - but I believe it is working for me.

No-one should be in constant pain. I had to go to 4 different emergency departments over 3 years with severe pain before a male emergency nurse suggested endo. Very frustrating. You know your own body and you know what is not right. So do not give up until you find what works for you. :)

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