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Post lap pain and stitches advice.. help!!


So I had a diagnostic lap 9 days ago and they also removed some stage 2 endo. The pain has been bad afterwards ans only seems to be getting worse (but right around my incision areas) they are getting redder by the day and on my belly button one I can't even see the knot of the stitch anymore and I am 100% sure it's an infection as it is leaking pus also. Has anybody had this? And can you just go to your regular GP and they will prescribe antibiotics/take the stitches out? *pic attached* sorry it's blurry!

Many thanks!

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I had this done last Wednesday and had my stitches out today. the nurse at the docs did them and a couple of mine were tight (even the nurse struggled a little) but feel a lot better now there out xx

If you think it might be infected (hot, smelly, weeping) then you can go to your GP for antibiotics. If the stitches are just tight and that's causing discomfort you can cut the tight ones yourself with a clean pair of nail scissors. I always took my own out. No need to wait for a doctors appointment for this.


Hi, if incision sites are red and leaking pus then an antibiotic may be required however it could be that a dressing could be applied without the need for an antibiotic. My umbilical incision was dressed with Inadine for 5 days and it healed up nicely thereafter. Make sure when u have washed the incision areas that they are properly dried...I used gauze swabs do dab them dry. I can't see from the picture but dont forget your stitches may be dissolvable and not require cutting.

Hope you feel better soon x

Thankyou all! I've been to the out of hours docs and she said I have a nasty infection in two of my wounds and have got some antibiotics! Can't wait to start feeling better. Thankyou all xx

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