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Life after endo and TTC

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Hi all

I know i should speak with my gp but I would like to hear from others about their experiences. In a nutshell, ive had bad periods since 14, i was diagnosed by lap at 19. Ive had various laps and laser treatment. My last lap was a couple of years ago where i was told there was no endometriosis, and all looked healthy. At this time, i was on and had been for some time, the cerele/cerezette pill and had no periods.

Last sept, i came off of the pill to start trying for a baby. We've had no luck yet and im concerned that symptoms of endo are returning.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? Did the endo come back? Did you conceive? I feel like im going mad because ive pretty much been told the pain etc is in my head!

Ive been on the pill pretty much since my periods started, with this and the endo in thr past im not very hopeful about falling pregnant, especially as im 35 so time is ticking

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