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Hi new to the group

Hi newly diagnosed but not officially but traumatic all the same 😫. After been told l'am peri-menopausal this year after having hot flushes and a change in my cycle to very heavy 4/5 week bleeding terrible pain and discomfort they sent me to hospital had endoscopy, biopsies, and a coil fitted Omg the pain during this procedures gas and air was given had to go for anaesthetic, l would like to say my pain threshold is normally quite high.

The consultant does believe l have endometriosis and feels if the coil is not going to suit a hysterectomy is the way forward, just wondering if the coil has helped others?.

Many thanks

Lynsey age 44

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Hi Lynsey, I'm 50 and the Mirena has helped me a lot until very recently. I'm now peri menopausal and the pain has returned, which I suspect is because my natural progesterone levels will have dipped before my oestrogen. I'm now thinking about taking a higher dose of progesterone, i.e. The mini pill.

My understanding is that there is no evidence a hysterectomy helps endo. Are you under an endo specialist? If not, you should ask for a referral. Look up the register here


Good luck!


Hi many thanks for your advise not under any specialist as yet as they wanted to see what effect the coil make.

I will look from the list you sent and do some research as this is all new to me.

Many thanks you have been very helpful

Lynsey x


When you've done your research, if I were you I'd ask your GP for a referral to one of the BSGE centres soon (no doubt it will take a while before you are seen). Sounds like you already have suspected endo, so your GP should oblige. A specialist will be able to confirm the diagnosis and offer advice on treatment options. If you are like me, then the Mirena isn't enough in the peri menopause.


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