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Endo symptoms?


I've been reading extensively around infertility. I'm concerned I may have endometriosis, I've been tracking every detail about my cycle and I have been experiencing terrible abdominal pain/pressure which has made sleeping and sitting difficult. Some months I've recorded having a period but looking back I haven't had bright red blood (sorry tmi) just really dark old blood but because it was heavy I tracked it as my period. Other months I've been quiet light with watery pink blood. I've told the doctor this and she ignored it, I'm currently seeking treatment for infertility. Also a few year back went to the doctor as I felt like I had a water infection, pain when going to the toilet, pain during sex and that pressure feeling down there. Which makes me think that I might have been endo. The doctor said I had stress incontinence and prescribed something to stop me going to the loo so much. It didn't really help and I just accepted that what it's like

Have to read of heard of anyone experiencing the same problems? xx

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I have similar symptoms as you. Maybe consider getting a second opinion as a few doctors have told me I just have IBS.. I have made an appointment with a gynecologist and I am now planned to have a laparoscopy to get down to the source of the pain. It is scary, but I think it will be worth it to catch anything that may be a bigger problem in the future.

Definitely try to see another doctor about it and if possible, a gynecologist. They usually are more in tune with those types of situations.

I hope your pain lessens and that you get the help you need ✨

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