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Endometriosis and PIP

Hi Everyone. Just a little background first...

I had already 3 endometriosis surgeries, and still have lot of pain on my right ovary (the left side was removed on my first surgery), hips, head ake. I get boiles and lumps on my skin (i am sure that is due to endometriosis even if this was not confirmed). Also have high blood pressure, bloated all the time and I am overweight.

I was wondering if anyone applied for PIP (personal payment allowance)? Few months ago I have signed a petition and apperently endometriosis can be considered disability.

Thank you

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I haven't applied for PIP but I used to claim ESA for agoraphobia, endo and other issues, I was recently just kicked off the ESA though the doctor who saw me knows about my endometriosis etc... It's worth trying and the worst that can happen is getting 0 points then if you want you can do a mandatory reconsideration.

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I've tried applying for it as I had to cut my hours down to 2 days and have to get taxis to work but got declined! However will be reapplying and appealing!

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