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Post Lap Period - Agony!!!

I'm currently on my second period since my laparoscopy which confirmed Endometriosis and I had many adhesion's cut. Last month was the worst pain iv ever endured in my life - I'm guessing to do with my insides still healing. This month the pain is still so so intense just the same as before I had my lap, this is effecting my work and my whole life. I am feeling so pathetic that I even thought the lap would of helped but Im in the exact same pain and life ruining situation I was in before. I have my next Gynao appointment in 3 weeks - has this happened to anyone else? What was the next steps for you?

Thank you so much for any support & advice - a very codeine'd up Hayley xx

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Hi hayley I had my last laparoscopy in March bit I had my tubes removed and endo treated at the same time. For the 1st 2 weeks after I was fine then after that the pains came back and if I dare say it somedayseems worse than had been previous. The only thing I can say amd you will probably already know is that with every surgery you open yourself up to moreceive adhesions and maybe it's just that that is causing you the pain.

Maybe ask your doctor you can try different pain relief, I myself don't like takI'm going codiene amd codiene based products as it causes constipation whigh I suffer a lot from with my ibs. I am on amitryptaline which is a very good medicine but I've been on it now 2 years and feel I'm not benefitting from it as much.




Hi Hayley x lots of hugs x x x.

When my period came I was pinned motionless with the pain and couldn't walk.

It can take 12 weeks for your body to heal internally after a lap and painful first periods are common due to the inflammation. There is a lot of useful information in this leaflet. I was signed off for five weeks after my first lap when I'd been told it would be just one or two. Everyone recovers at a different pace, be gentle with yourself and take the time you need.


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Hi please don't worry this happened to me and I paid private to go see my endo specialist in tears saying my op hadn't worked I was in so much pain and so heavy it was coming through my jumpers up my tops!! but he said it's everything settling down and he was right since the first 2 my periods have been better than ever ha not had them this pain free and light since they started when I was 13! Xxx


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