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Poor immune system - constant infections

I was diagnosed in 2008 with endometriosis. Since then I have so many other health issues going on and not sure what's causing what.

The thing that is really dragging me down and is worrying me is the amount of infections I am getting.

Mainly UTI's. There is nothing structurally wrong with my kidneys/ bladder as they have been checked. This year alone I've had 8 confirmed infections and we are only in July. The amount of antibiotics I've had to treat them is alarming. 23 prescribed antibiotics in the last 12 months.

Anyone the same or have any advice??? Xx

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I'm pretty sure that if you have a compromised immune system, it can be linked to endometriosis. Maybe you have problems with your immune system... might be worth looking at the endometriosis uk website

I think you can do dietary things to help like cut out sugar, wheat and caffeine


Hello! Have you checked your vitamin D levels? I was recently diagnosed with vitamin d insufficiency. It turns out that is linked with endo and poor immune system..


Im the same although i get chest infections. I second the vit d. Another favorite of mine is Bowel Impactions. Currently being treated for my fourth this year! Ive had a couple of UTIs. Spent 6 months last year on antibiotics for PID caused by endo! Pfft. Good diet, excersise and plenty of clear fluid will help too.. a multi-vit and probiotic helps too!


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