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Pelvic pain week 2 of cycle

Hi Laura,

Just found your post! I've had this for nearly 16 years now, and it has put my life on hold completely, have withdrawn quite a lot as I'm either having my period which has got increasingly heavy (I'm now 52), or I'm in pain for week 2, and when the pain goes it's such a relief then I need to recover and get my strength back for a week or two before it all starts again. I don't want to plan anything like trips or outings or holidays ahead of time, I can only do things on the spur of the moment, so I feel I've not got anything to look forward to! I'm only waiting for my menopause as I'm hoping it will go when I no longer have the hormonal rollercoaster I have now. I will not have surgery as these often do not work or are only temporary, and I refuse to have a hysterectomy. I know I have many fibroids in my uterus, so I have always thought as it's week 2 and the oestrogen rises in that week that it was related to this, as I think this prompts the fibroids to grow. Although my pain is very low down (supra-pubic and over to the left ovary) I wonder if it is internal bleeding collecting at the bottom of the pelvis as one of the other posts wrote?

I also have had an ectopic pregnancy when I was 36 and the pain usually seems like it's around the scar so I wonder if adhesions and endometriosis are also possible. However, I will not go to the doctor just to get either drugs or surgery, so I feel a bit stuck with it all. I hate taking painkillers too, but end up taking 2 nurofen when I can't stand it anymore. I've had to take two doses twice since Saturday, but it does start to drive you mad, I agree, you can't think straight, and I also end up breathing really shallowly with the pain, I simply want to not be in my body!!!

I hope you're ok with your situation? I don't think doctors have the answer frankly, they can't solve the problem without giving you other problems instead, which is no good to me...


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Hi Chrstine90, I am in the same situation with the severe low pelvic pain right after the period ends.. for the last four years :( I can't believe you are struggling with this for 16 years.. it is driving me crazy. I am 40 and lost 4 pregnancies because if it. Do you have kids? how do you manage the anemia?


Hi, I'm 50 and certainly peri menopausal, ie periods irregular. My endo pain is actually worse. Like you I long for the end of it all, but I think because our progesterone declines before oestrogen, symptoms can flare up. Taking a little extra progesterone short term would be a logical step, although when I raised the idea with a specialist he said he'd not heard of it. He simply said no one has done research on how to manage endo during the menopause. Makes me cross!

Like you I'm taking more pain killers than I'd like. But the end is (hopefully) in sight.


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