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Burning pain at vaginal entrance


Has anyone experienced a burning, sore sensation at the ENTRANCE of your vagina as part of their endo? I experience this pain sometimes when there is is no penetration, but mostly it occurs very intensely with any form of penetration (It's not due to dryness, it occurs no matter how well lubricated I am). It is at the entrance and a few cms in, and first penetration is by far the most painful, and then the pain kind of "dulls" if i grit and bare the pain for a few minutes. But, it is pretty unbareable at first.

i know the "deep" pelvic pain is the classic endo pain, but can this also be part of the endo? I've been tested for infections, STIs and all clear. Answers are hugely appreciated as this is ruining my life :(

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I've had something similar for a long time and I also have vaginismus (was diagnosed with this before endo but the 2 often go hand in hand) and I've tried to explain to the gynaeo that it's more of a burning than a muscle thing but apparently it's all related!

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Thanks for you reply, kind of reassuring to know it's not just me. . . did you have any tips for easing the burning sort of pain?

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Lots and lots of lube, I use dilators regularly (when I remember haha) and lots and lots of foreplay. There's also something ive read about an internal massage, I try and massage a little with my fingers and the muscles are super tight when you don't expect them to be, hope this helps! x

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