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8cm endometrioma& pregnancy

Hi ladies

So we finally fell pregnant in march after ttc for 2 1/2yrs. I had my scan yest and was told that my cyst on right ovary is now a whopping 8cm compared to 4cm 7 months ago when i was last scanned.

I did suspect it had grown as the pain i was getting every month was worse than it had been however the pain etc has stopped since conceiving. We delayed seeing an endo specialist after finding out we were expecting as i really dont want any ops that may risk it.

Im jus wondering if any1 has experienced this as im a bit worried it may rupture or cause me problems! The dr has said ive just to keep an eye out for any sudden pin and take mysef to a&e if it happens.

Thanks in advance x

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Congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm sorry but I don't know the answer to your query but wanted to ask how old you are and how bad your endo was/is?

I'm 37 and in a similar position, having a left endometrioma and moderate /severe endo which has apparently been there for a long time 😢 I'm having diathermy to remove the old adhesions at the end of August and once recovered will be trying to conceive but am terrified that I have left it too late.



Im 36, was diagnosed almost 2yrs ago after a laparoscopy where most of the endo was removed as well as cyst from my left ovary and partial cyst on right ovary. I dont think uve left it too late and hopefully after ur op the chances will be alot better x

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