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Feeling rough


Hi all,

Back again, I had a MRI scan 2 weeks ago and get the results on 8th Aug, I have been feeling rough since Sunday, feeling sick, lower stomach pains and pain when going to the bathroom.

I'm really nervous about getting the results, I find it really hard to cope when I'm at work as I work in supermarket and I have to be very customer focused and not look unwell.

I spoke to a nice lady tonight on the helpline who gave me advice and told me to worry until I get the results.

I'm due my period in about a week and am getting the showtime now, I'm going to see the nurse tomorrow just to get checked.

Is this all normal part of endo - feeling tired, sick, pain

Any help appreciated

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Please do not worry. All of your symptoms of characteristic of endo and once you get your MRI back you will be able to map your path way out.

Have you tried any dietry changes at all?

I have found heat patches work really well for when I am at work and raspberry leaf tea and tumeric tea has helped with the nausea. Carry a few strong sandwich bags and line with antiback wipes in your pocket at work so that you have the reassurance that if you are going to feel sick you have somewhere to do so.

Be strong my love!


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