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Help ... I'm either struggling to pass urine and going once a day or I'm having to run to the toilet through fear of an accident!

Just wondering if anyone else has similar problems and do I need to do anything about it?

I was at work on Monday wondering why I was in so much pain 5:40pm I went to the toilet and it was the first time I had passed urine all day even though I had lots to drink ( I work with children and they always make sure I drink as they know I need to 🙈)

Today on the other hand I've passed urine well over 25 times and over half of that I have had to run to the toilet through fear of having an accident.

Is this normal? Do I need to just keep an eye on it?

Hope your all as ok as can be.

Joely x

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Hi Joely,

When you say, you passed only once, do you mean you only needed to go once or you have been trying with full bladder but unable to empty it?

I would try to get it checked out by a urologist.

My experience is that I had cyclical bladder pain and frequency, it turned out to be endo and chocolate cysts inside the bladder - no idea that existed!!

Let us know, good luck 👍



Thank you for your reply, yes yesterday I only passed urine once my bladder was full but I was unable to go.

I will try and visit my Gp tomorrow and see what they say it's one extreme to the other it's awful x


Yes it does sound painful 🤕 Have you noticed any spotting? Where are you in your cycle? I assume you have been diagnosed with endo, is this your first issues with bladder? E.g. Interstitial cystitis, painful bladder syndrome, UTI?

Also, yesterday, when you did manage to empty your bladder, was there a particular reason you cld identify? (You drank tea, alcohol, you relaxed after a long day, etc.)

Good luck, bladder pain and fullness is awful, I hate hate hate it 🤕🤕

Good luck

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No spotting at present I also have no clue where I am in my cycle as it's all over the place on depo to try and help. Yes I have been diagnosed and this is the first time since being diagnosed I've had bladder problems.

It was towards the end of my shift at work when I was able to relax more that I was able to go.

It's so so painful and I am so bloated then the next minute I'm having to run and go today because I feel like I'm going to have an accident x


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