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Don't Give Up

Hello there, I've just found this great site and thought I'd share some positive info. Having suffered from totally debilitating symptoms for many, years, Including taking all my annual leave entitlement rather than sick leave, combined with endless appointments with 'specialists' (specialising in insulting your intelligence), I took matters into my own hands. It has taken a monumental amount of physical & emotional strength, but for the 1st time in my life, I'm getting results. i used to have 5/6 days extremely dibilitating symptoms, come on for 4/5 days & another 2/3 to finish. I've now reduced start to finish to around 3/5 days. It may be a boiling hot mid June day & I'm stuck indoors stuck to the sofa with a hot water bottle, but, this month, I have achieved yet another personal first, the shortest & most bearable window of pain - 4 hours - before coming on, that's 116 hours less than usual. I've spent most of my adult life going out my mind in pain, but I almost feel super human with the vast improvements I've achieved with my body. I now know that it is possible to change things, I only wish I'd done it sooner, I wouldn't have lost so much time & quality of life, but it's better late than etc. All the best.

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That's brilliant- how?!?!

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Thanks, I'm planning on putting together a few points regarding the steps I have taken which I certainly didn't get from the 'specialists' inc. the v. expensive private ones. I'm not proclaiming to be some messiah, I just know that I've managed to achieve a much more bearable standard of living and it builds and improves every month. I felt compelled to share this because like so many women, I've spent years being absolutely distraught with endo convinced that nothing could be done. If you would like a copy of my steps, I'd be happy to send it to you, msg me your email. Thanks.


please don't send your email address to a stranger. If this cure is so amazing, surely it can be publicly shared here.


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