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I saw A doctor on the 6th June and he told me to try Rivegdon pill and then come back to see another doctor in a few months.

A couple days later i received a letter saying i had an appointment with them on 5th December which was typed up on the 6th June. I have now received a letter telling me i have an appointment on 26th June with the first doctor typed up on the 9th June, yet he told me i needed to see the other doctor next for a review in a few months.

I am so confused, could they have found something in my notes they over looked before?

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Hi Tanyaannh. Sounds very confusing. Do you have an email or mobile. Worth giving them call as I know she is always happy to chat through queries. Or you could contact the admin team and she will investigate for you to what's going on with your appts.

I can send you the details if you don't have them.

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