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Is this a dissolvable stitch?

Is this a dissolvable stitch?

Hi everyone

I had my lap 6 weeks ago and had dissolvable stitches. I noticed yesterday a small little yellow/grey hard "thing" on one of my incisions (which are more like scars now to be fair). I thought it was a funny little scab, and so gently pulled it off. However, it seems to have pulled what looks like a stitch with it and left a little opening in the scar. The little thing, whatever it is, is definitely attached to something inside and so I'm just going to leave it poking out! I've added a photo too, which I hope isn't too strange.

Any ideas? I would expected the stitches to have dissolved by now?

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hi, yea I think that looks like a stitch. Mine were like this after about 5 weeks when one end had dissolved but then quickly came out. If it irritates you then you could go to the nurse at GP surgery or if not maybe leave it a couple of days to see if it comes out.


Thank you so much for replying, it's not giving me any trouble so I think I'll just pop a plaster over it for a few days and see what happens. It's like my body was trying to reject it and push it out through my scar?! Aren't our bodies amazing! Thanks again xx



I would have to agree it does look like a stitch.

If it's irritating you, you could always grab a clean sterile pair of nail clippers and just snip the end off so it's not catching clothes etc.

Or just wait and see wether it is in fact on its way out and comes out naturally.

I hope everything went well with your operation xx


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