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Help please

Hi, new to this, I haven't been diagnosed with anything just getting to the end of my tether, been having pain and random bleeding ever since I can remember really but getting progressively worse since having copper coil and coming off depo a few years ago, the last year is getting more and more unbearable, anyways was referred to gyno everything clear bloods, pap, ultrasound. Have one enlarged ovary but in normal range and both now polycystic but not pcos. The gyno was awful, he basically said it's all in my head and he doesn't think my pain is gyno related and it's ibs and laughed at me when I mentioned endo :( since waiting for the report to come back to my doctors so they can rereffer me I've been in awful pain, waking up trying to scream, vomiting, feeling faint and sorry for tmi but the blood and pain after sex is horrific! I have to take norethistorone for a few days to stop it, the doctors are now refusing to send me back to a different gyno, I'm literally at my wits end :( any advice anybody? Sorry for the long post

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Really sorry you are in pain, and that you are not being listened to.

If your gp won't refer you for a second opinion I would ask to see a different doctor, if it is the surgery then try and change.

I have moved around a lot and it has taken years to finally be in a place where my gp is sympathetic and listened to me. She referred me to general gynaecologist, I had a coil fitted and sent on my way. I am seven months down the line and am worse off than before I had it fitted. I went back to my gp and she ran full bloods and sent me for an X-ray as I get terrible back and hip pain. Once she was happy with that she referred me once again and I requested it be to a different gynae as I felt then previous one was dismissive and would not listen. He was more interested in my husband job!!!!!!

Don't give up. I javam my next appointment on Tuesday next week. I am nervous but feel more in control. I have kept a good diary of my pain and cycle (I still have one even though last gynae said they should stop with merina) so fingers crossed. I now want a lap to find out for sure and I will say so on Tuesday.

Educating yourself as much as possible, keep a diary write a list, find a new gp and realise somewhere someone will be willing to listen.

I suffered since I was 15 I am now 35. This has gone on long enough. But I feel more able to say emiughbis enough thanks to this site and another educational and support group on FB.

Good luck lovely. I hope you get sorted soon xx


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