Need help and advice x

I started my period at age 10/11 ,almost straight away I was physically ill with every period I had...after 8years of being given unnecessary antibiotics for my pains (as was told it wasn't infections, later found about Iv never had one)

I was diagnosed in December on the 14th..I had the operation and a coil fitted during the op.

I was three weeks with no pain and started getting my life back on track and ready to go back to work.

Within no time at all Iv got all my symptoms back...

Iv bleed twice this month for about 7days total of both times.

I'm in constant pain in stomach and lower back and bloating

I'm extremely tried, but can't sleep as of the pain, no painkiller helps me

I'm either constipated or diarrhoea...also stinging when I pee

I have a hot water bottle stuck to my stomach all day as it help make it more comfortable but doesn't take the pain away

People that I have spoken to (family and friends and even a doctor from the hospital) have told me that the operation doesn't always help, and the only way to get rid of it is to have a baby.

i feel like I'm talking to a brick wall when it comes to the NHS, my gp forgot I had anything done during the operation, my mum had to tell her I had three bits of endo that was burnt...and this is the gp that has been sending me off to get tested.

I'm stuck and have no clue what to do next, at the moment I'm just riding along with the gp, witch to be honest is no help...all she's doing is signing me off work each month (I'm a career for autism, witch is a active im not active with this pain)

I have the same symptoms as I did before the operation...yet I'm not getting any help or guidance

Does anyone have any advice or been though a similar thing? Or if anyone needs help or advice, I'll just my best



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