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Need help and advice

I have only recently heard about endometriosis and have just been Dr's becuase I have nearly every symptom. I haven't been taken seriously whatsoever. For years I have had pain during and after sex, in the pelvic area, but never thought much of it becuase I didn't know it was not normal. For about 4 years I have been on the contraceptive injection and recently came off and went on the pill. My period came and I used tampons and had agonising pain in my pelvic area when inserting, and I knew this wasn't right and that's when I found out about endometriosis. I wouldn't have worried too much if I hadn't seen that one of the symptom can be bleeding from the bowel. I have suffered from this for years and have had every test going and nothing has come back. This is when I started to worry. But now the Dr's has told me it's very unlikely as the majority of women don't get it in the bowel and that the colonoscopy that I had would have shown it up, but I've read that actually it won't show It up. I just want to be taken seriously, I'm constantly tired, can't enjoy being intimate with my fiancé, have pelvic pain when I'm not on, and bleed from my bowel with no other explanation for it. After getting annoyed that I wasn't being taken seriously I have been referred to have an ultrasound on my womb, but i fear this may not be enough either to detect if I have endometriosis. I feel like it's too much of a coincidence to not be it but yet I'm being told it's unlikely. I need help and advice or others experience. Can a colonoscopy detect it? Will an ultrasound detect it? Am I worrying over nothing? Have others not been taken seriously? I just don't know what to do. Help!

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Hey lovely.

I really feel for you. I was in your position a few months back. It's awful not been listened to and it almost makes you doubt your sanity!!

You know your body the best, you know how you feel and only you know if something isn't right.

I don't think endometriosis is well understood by doctors- I think that may be why they are reluctant to suggest it.

You deserve a pain free life so my only advice is to fight for an answer. It can the hardest and most draining process in the world but getting an answer and almost validation at the end of it is so worth the fight.

Your ultrasound scan probably won't show up any endometriosis. Mine was completely clear and normal so don't let that dishearten you. If the scan comes back clear I would push further- there is obviously an underlying cause.

Don't let them fob you off with different contraceptions. State that you want answers to your pain before trying to manage it.

Best of luck and if you need any help or advice I'm just a message away.

You aren't alone. :) x


Yes an ultrasound will show it up however an MRI is more accurate and clearer be Prepared or ask that they do a transvaginal ultrasound it's works the same way as an ultrasound but a little more invasive to an extent it's basically a probe that they place in your twinkle to get a clearer picture. If your on the pill try and make sure it's the combined pill and try and get a referral to a gynaecologist they'll do more thorough tests just keep pushing you will get there although a diagnosis is just the start of a long road finding what works best to help keep your endometriosis under control good luck x


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