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Newbie, first time posting... Questions after 1st Laparoscopy

Hi everyone,

So glad I have found this site.

I had a laparoscopy done in March to remove Endo and had the Marina Coil fitted after a long battle with GP's and Gynaecologists telling me there was nothing wrong and maybe it was in my head. It was quite bad and they removed about 80% of it. They could not remove the last 20% as it is on my bladder and fallopian tube. They said to give it 6 months and if I was still in pain after 6 months then to go back to GP. After I had the op and everything settled down it actually felt like it had gone away and I was relatively pain free, however, this past couple of weeks it feel like it has returned with a bang and I am experiencing the same pain/symptoms as before I had the laparoscopy.

I am just wondering what the next step is, do I wait until the 6 months is up to go back to GP? And also what happens after you have been back to see your GP do you just repeat the whole process again?


K x

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