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hidden endo for 7 years??

i've suffered with endo symptoms since i first had my period 7 years ago. i live in constant pain every day and can't even walk when i have my period, and end up throwing up as well. although, endo runs in my family and i have every symptom.. it has not been officially diagnosed and i've had a lap before (along with blood tests, colonoscopy, ultrasounds,etc.). is there anyone who's endo had been missed the first lap?? i'm planning on seeing a new specialist to hopefully get more surgery to get this figured out but i just wanted to see if anyone else had the same problem. i'm only 17 so it could be very small since i'm so young. i just need answers.

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Yes, endo can be missed on several laps when a not endo specialist is doing the surgery. Mine was twice during the last 6 years. I now have deep infiltrating endometriosis (DIE) if the MRI is correct (it is 90% of the DIE cases) and awaiting referral to a endo specialist. I am 42 and have had menses issues from my first menses at age 11.


Mine was missed 6 years ago during a Lap and I was diagnosed by fluke last year when I was rushed in to get my appendix out. The gyni that spoke to me after my surgery said I do have it but they didn't remove it so I was finally diagnosed after 6 years of pain then I got it removed this year privately by a specialist x


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