Back pain ibuprofen causing it ? ???

I am awaiting surgery and have stage 4 endo frozen pelvis etc . I have really bad back pain . This morning I woke up and my pain was a 3 which is ok . I thought I would have breakfast then take 2 ibuprofen to stop it becoming a 10 and I also have to go to work . Within 15 mins of taking ibuprofen the pain when up to a 10 and has remained that way for last hour ! This has happened a few times before and I was wondering if the ibuprofen was actually making the pain worse ? Has anyone else felt like this ? Any suggestions for other pain relief would be gratefully received. My pain seems to just be located to the back area on the right . Thank you 😊 Desperate to lie here as the pain is excruciating but need to go work before they sack me as I have had so much time of with this endo and due to have more surgery because of 2 large endometria cysts ( poss hysterectomy and bowel resection)

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tramadol and paracetamol work best for me x

Ibuprofen is an anti inflammatory so it shouldn't be making things worse for you, then again, nothing goes as it should with us, does it? Naproxen is also an anti inflammatory - maybe it would work better with your body?

I feel ya about work - I called in today, period starting soon, and I feel awful for doing it. I'm so exhausted though and in a lot of pain. Trying to push through and pretend that you aren't in pain when you are is just even more exhausting.

Sometimes I really just want to give up. 😐 Hang in there!

Do you have anything stronger you can take? Naproxen works well for me buf make sure you take it with food! I also take codeine if paracetamol isn't cutting it x

Hi all I tried codamol yesterday wih very good results . The pharmacist recommended it . Not sure if I can take long term as apparently it's addictive? But it did work . Thanks for your reply . The struggle continues but the show must go on . Take care ladies x

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