Period pain after periods?

Hi everyone,

I have another question about pain! Something I've been googling for 4 years and have never found an answer to, but I think this would the perfect group to ask πŸ‘

Do any of you have dull period pain after your periods? Same as when you know your periods are coming!

For me, it typically happens 3-4 days after the complete end of my periods (along with bladder and pelvic pain).

Anyone the same?


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  • I get this mid cycle, about 4 days before i come on, then about a week after I have finished my period. I think I am single handedly keeping opiate companies in business! Hope you are ok xx

  • Well I am a bit worried about my consumption of ibuprofens before and after periods, and naproxen during periods! My hubby says it's a budget in itself!

    Any idea why this period pain comes after?

    Thanks for taking the time to reply πŸ‘

  • Why are you worried about your brufen consumption? oww we do have an expensive time of it!

    No idea why the pain happens, I have pain most days now (booo!) but sounds similar to what you have. I hope you are able to keep on top of it and stay comfy xxx

  • Yes, I'm not too bad thank you. Sorry to hear about your pain πŸ˜”

    I'm worried about side effects in the short and long term although I've never had any

  • brufen can irritate your stomach lining so its advised to take it with food, but if you havent had any side effects I wouldn't worry. If you are worried you can always ask your GP, sometimes they might prescribe something to protect the lining of the stomach (like omeprazole or ranitidine) but I wouldn't worry. :)

  • Yes, I do and exactly how you've said it. My bladder can be painful on the run up to a period too, the pain sometimes disappears when my period starts but usually it's there. I haven't been diagnosed, having a lap tomorrow morning.

  • Thanks for replying Karen. Good luck, let us know how you are getting on πŸ‘

  • Hello, I had the same problem :).

    I had noticed the pain has been appearing after I had some milk or other dairy products, so I changed the diet on dairy free. I got contraceptive pill for period pain before and it didn't work until I used dairies in my diet :(.

    Try to observe your symptoms, when this pain begins usually,

    Maybe you need do the same.

    Greetings :)

  • Hi Charming hawke. Thanks for your reply. I've given up on dairies about 4 months ago actually because I realised it was making me (TMI alert) bloated and gassy! But this pain still keeps on being worse and worse at each cycle!! Will monitor my intakes tho just in case I'm missing something eg I haven't tried going gluten free yet - it is thought that it may help some symptoms of endometriosis - although it's really not recommended πŸ‘

  • You have the symptoms of endometriosis. Speak with your G.P. who can refer you to a specialist for diagnosis. Doctors aren't terribly clued up about endometriosis and I've been subjected to much misinformation over the years. You you may need to spell it out to them with the support of a pain diary. Good luck. x

  • Thank you Thalia, yes you're right, I do have endometriosis. I was diagnosed with it by chance - had my appendix taken out by laparoscopy because everyone thought that was why I was in pain, but the surgeon found endo all over. But this period pain after periods is quite new for me, along with the pelvic and bladder pain 😩 I'm having a mass removed from my bladder, 🀞 Fibgers crossed it is endo and not something worse, and hopefully some of the symptoms will disappear 🀞🀞🀞

  • Ah, I see. I had pelvic and bowel pain throughout the month and it hurt just to sit on the loo for a wee. I had endo. plus ovarian cysts (one of which ruptured which worsened the pelvic pain). Very best of luck with the surgery. Please let us know how you get on. x

  • What do you feel when it's bowel pain? Dyou mean like twisting pain like when you need to go to the loo? I wonder if I may have some bowel involvement too, I have diarrhoea when period and constipated when not (with occasionally piles!) even though I'm on a healthy diet with lots of fibres!!

  • Yeah, it's a hideous, searing, faint-worthy pain internally before I go to the loo and which is only relieved by having a poo. My doctor said it's caused by endo. If you're experiencing similar pain, you may well have it there, too. I have a combination of loose and normal stools depending on which day it is. I really do feel for you. It's an awful disease. x

  • Hello, sorry to hear about this pain.. I know how it feels because I have the same :( right after my period ends about day 6-7 I start getting this horrible dull burning pain located low in the pelvis. Ibuprofen is the only relief but the same like you I am worried about the side effects :( however, you're right, this is not a typical symptom of endo.... and I've tried all kinds of diets and suppliments and nothing works for this pain. I had a laparoscopy and I actually did not have endo but adeno.. but this is not a typical symptom of adeno either..

    The only reliable info I found online about pain after period point to a pelivic inflammatory disease ... this can be caused by normal bacteria not necessarily STDs... I am trying to investigate this route but it's not easy at all since I already have a diagnosis of adeno and my doctor doesn't want to deal with me anymore:(

    Hope you feel better and maybe we can keep in touch.

  • I have this pain once I have ovulated until my period starts. I also have what feels like pressure and swelling on my my bladder, bowel and pelvic floor area. I haven't been diagnosed with endometriosis. A scan said everything was fine but gp can't find anything wrong and says it's just my body like I'm imagining it. πŸ˜₯

  • Just wanted to add something.. I noticed some of you are being diagnosed as "NOT having Endo, because your doc didn't see it on a scan or MRI". I live in the US and I'm surprised to see that the Docs in UK use anything besides Laparoscopic surgery to diagnose Endometriosis! The US doctors don't do MRI or scans for endo diagnosis. They ONLY diagnose endo through a lap surgery, as they claim "endo can't show up in MRI or scans"!!! I've had endometriosis for over 20 years, and I've been through all the remedies, and it's a truly HORRIBLE disease! For the past year, I've been so exhausted and so overwhelmingly tired, I can't stay awake longer then a few hours without a nap! I am grateful for this site, bcuz I learned from some members that extreme fatigue can be a symptom of endometriosis (I haven't had lap surgery to be "cleaned out" in about 15 years!) I've learned ALOT more information about endometriosis from this UK site, then I ever learned in 20 years here in the USA! Thank you all for sharing and don't ever give up, no matter what your doc says...You know what is normal for YOUR BODY. If something isn't right , keep pushing until something is done to help you. (I'd rather be considered a pain in the bum then be dead because I was afraid of speaking up!) Prayers for all of us who live with this horrible pain! <3

  • Hi there!

    I have the exact same thing! I have endo (laparoscopy almost 2 weeks ago) and had pain all the time but worse before, during and AFTER periods (but 3 to 7 days after, usually). I've noticed this is worse on the pill for me, and I also have bladder and bowel pain (are you on any contraceptive pills?) This may be a coincidence, but even after Sx I still have this pain (hopefully it disappears in the coming months, though).

    Good luck with everything.

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