Endo removed, Prostap finished, when is it safe to ttc?

Hi, I'm not sure if I should post here or fertility group so I've done both x

I had stage 4 endo removed 1 week ago and had my last Prostap injection 2 weeks ago. (I've had 3 injections in total)

Surgeon believes I will probably need ivf tc but the next 3 months are my best opportunity to get pregnant naturally and to try asap.

But I'm now reading online that you should wait for first period, then other place that you should wait 100days and other place that say Prostap is not a Gnrh that stays in your body to long.

Some say that Prostap can cause fetal abnormalities and other say there's no evidence. Has anyone any clue what the right thing to do is?

Thank you x

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  • Hi! After my endo surgery I was told to wait for a full cycle to complete before trying again. I wasn't on any meds after the op, but the consultant said it'd be best to wait, as I'd still be healing inside x

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