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Hi ladies

I have just been to see my consultant who has offered me surgery around August time. It is my first lap to see if it is endo that I have. I'm shocked as I was only refereed to a gynae about 3 months ago and I have already been offered surgery.

I am just wondering approx how long everyone needed to recover after their first lap as I'm a student nurse and can't really have a lot of time off.

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  • The consultant treated me said the general rule for time off is for every day you are at the hospital you need a week off to recover. I would also consider go back to work gradually after you time off. I did half days for a couple of weeks then full time. When I had my first minor operation I stayed overnight and had 2 weeks off. When I had the major operation I stay 3 nights and had 4 weeks off. It seems about right amount of time for me.

    Hope this helps.

  • I've had 2 laparoscopy surgeries and had three weeks off each time xxx

  • I've had 3 laps and suggest a week recovery. Don't over due it as there are stomach muscles that need to heal. Surgery is the only way to diagnose. The adhesions and cysts can grow back.

  • Thank you for your replies. Do any of you have any tips for after surgery? I have read about peppermint tea but not sure what else.

  • Hi darling, I just had my first lap and like you within three month from my first doc apt, found myself on the operating table. I had the op yesterday and had an overnight stay just got home around 7 hours ago.

    I had a lot of amazing tips from other ladies on here which helped!

    Peppermint tea as you have heard. (I hate this but each tea I drink I get a Tim Tam πŸ™ˆ)

    Take a pillow when you are going home for between your belly and the seatbelt.

    I also got my mum to bring a hot water bottle for the car ride home, as my shoulders were sore. I kept asking for hot towels during my overnight stay, again for the shoulder pain.

    Take baby wipes, your favourite smelling moisturiser or hand cream. (I took one that I got on my honeymoon in Fiji and it just took me back to the beach, when I was really just in a hospital bed... mmm coconuts)

    Super loose clothing to go home. Easy slip on shoes.

    I also took a sachet of lavender to help calm my nerves before hand as I was anxious. I slept with this my by chin to help me sleep too.

    Set everything up before you go so when you get home everything is prepared next to your bed. Including Sanitary pads incase your bleeding.

    Pack an overnight bag incase you need to stay, a few days earlier so the morning of you are relaxed and organised. (I planned for a long hot salt bath and a did a treatment in my hair the morning of, also knowing it maybe a few days until I could wash my hair)

    I took ear buds as I am a light sleeper (I'm so happy I did, my room was privet but also near the nurses desk so I could hear everything)

    Make sure you have someone to really be around to help you at least for the first day, I couldn't have survived today alone, even the simple task of when I took my last pain killer has been able to slip my mind!

    Hopefully some of these tips help you, so many woman on here with great ideas.

    Best of luck ✨✨✨✨

  • If it's only diagnostic and not doing anything while in there it's a quicker recovery. I had a week off but the doctor said that some people only have a day or two off... Not sure how! I have just had a hysterectomy and that was only 4 weeks sick note (although another doctor at the hospital initially said a week off might be enough!!) basically I would do what feels right for you and your body, if you need more time, or z phased return then do it as you can easily set yourself back.

    For after, I had mint humbugs as well as peppermint tea which were lovely, I also had a little pillow to put under the seatbelt for the drive home. It's also good to do some little walks around the house every hour or so, it helps get the gas moving apparently. Best of luck with it, hope it goes well xx

  • I told my nurse today I had taken two weeks off and she was like wow lucky you- you know you will be fine to work within a few days. I had mine on Wednesday and she said Monday I'll be right. This was pre op mind you and more work was done once the surgeon was in there. Im a hairdresser and doubtful I could be back by Monday!

    I don't know how anyone could work after a few days, not only the physical side effect but mentally we need to rest our minds. (maybe I'm just a big baby haha)

  • Thank you so much for your comments. I think I'll take a week off and then see how I feel.

    Also thanks for the tips I will keep them in mind xx

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