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Desparate for a diagnosis

Just after any comments, experience or anyone that can relate to my symptoms. Datea are very rough as i have the most shocking of memory's!

I have a long history of gynae problems that i think stemmed from my ectopic pregnancy where i had emergancy open surgery to remove my right tube. This was (if my memory serves me right) in 2000/2001.

Following this, i had a diagnostic lap & dye to check out my remaining tube which was fused together, this resulted in being told I would never have children without IVF. It was around this time i learned of fibroids.

Years and years went on. Pain getting beyond belief with period. Stabbing pain in my right groin (same side as tube was removed) diarrea & the most awful pain in my stomach. Every morning, a very dull, deep paon in my lower back, this is only releaved by goong for a no2. I visited my GP (which changed 3 times) i can't even count how many times. I ended up being refffered to my local hospital gynae. She diaputed everything i said, made me justify why 'i thought' i couldn't have children. To cut short, i was so depressed at the infertility thing, i ended up running out a crying mess.

Suprisingly, i didn't want to see her anymore. I went back to my gp & asked to be reffered to a different hospital.

I was reffered to John radcliffe. As soon as I'd had a consultation, i was informed I'd need another laparoscopy. Advised me that i would be better off starting the pill or having the coil. It was a very tender time and the last thing i wanted was to be even more infertile!!

Laparoscopy was done and all that was found was adhesions that were sticking my bowel to my uterus. These adhesions were divided and that was that. I was so shocked she didn't find any endo. Theough doing years of research, i was so sure (i still am) that i have it.

My first period came and yet again, stabbing in my right groin, diarrea, hurrendous pain. Pain returned with intercourse and my whole abdomen would swell and feel battered and bruised.

A few years passed and feeling more deflated than ever, found out about an egg share programme where you donate your eggs and in return, get your IVF funded. I took part in the egg share programme and was extremely lucky & it worked!! my miracle was born :)

After birth the 1st real period i had hit me like a ton of bricks. All the pain, bloating, stabbing, diarrea was back.

My daughter is 4 now. I gave up goimg to gp. To this day i still get every single sympton and it never gets better.

I discovered a few weeks ago that i am covered by my partners work healthcare. Googling my symptoms yet again, brought me to this forum and it was here i realised that i had posted here years previous and had a provate message i jad not read at the time pointing me in the direction of a specialist nearby me that could probably help and that as my uteris was stuck to my bowel, i should of had further investigation in to if i had endo in the pouch of douglas.

So, this appointment is Thursday 15rh June.

Long post i know, sorry guys!

Just seeing if anyone has had lapaorcopies and been told no endo, when infact it was in the pouch of douglas?

Adsing to this i have PCOs and after self examination, (out of desparation) my cervix seems to be pulled right over to the left side of me with a whopping great gap on the right side. I also have pea sozed amd a much smaller growth on the entrance of my cervix.

Rambling on now!

Appreciate any responses and sorry for any typo's!


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