Got a date for surgery!

And getting obsessed about it!

I can't stop thinking about the fact that I have this 2-cm mass in my bladder that is going to be removed, but have to wait another 2weeks!

The Urologist did say it doesn't look like cancer but bladder endometriosis, but how can it be?

I've been looking at pictures of bladder endometriosis through cystoscopy, and my mass doesn't look like that at all. I'm v worried it is in fact a tumour, which the urologist said it could also be benign!

My head is all over the place. I'm37, I consider myself very young and fit, I have a 5-y old boy and we were planning on giving him a brother or sister.

Please send me your support, I feel I can't speak to anyone I know about it because then I have to deal with their fear and emotions towards cancer!

I haven't told my parents either, I'm worried they will go into panic mode (my mum had breast cancer 20y ago and survived but my sister in law died of it at 39 when her baby was 2 and it broke my family 😩); hell, I can't even speak to my partner about it because he lost his mum to cancer 8 years ago and hasn't fully recovered yet!

Sorry for the whining, I haven't slept much, and with the day I have ahead (full working day and job interview at 6pm), I need to slap my face! Have a good day everyone

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  • I know this is a difficult time, and there's nothing i can say to make you feel better, so just want to say good luck, you're not alone, use this forum to vent. Sending positive thoughts your way for the op, and the job interview.

  • Thank you

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