I've been suffering with this for a while

Hi I'm not sure e what to do! I have endometriosis I've had to operations and a coil fitted about 2 years ago. Lately I have been in severe pain and all I want to do is sleep . No pain killers work but i never seem to get anywhere with the gynaecologist he was very rude the last time . Should I go back to the doctors again?

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  • My coil worked well for about 3 & half years but then seemed to stop. My gynaecologist agreed to replace it. It's so frustrating when you can't get taken seriously and listened to. I'd go back to your gp and maybe ask for a different gynae. x

  • Well that's what happens last time. Just ruins my life abit forever in pain I can't really party with friends I end up going home early . Wish I could just have an ovarie removed or something nothing seems to work for very long or not at all x

  • My coil (fitted during lap) lasted about 18 months before symptoms started to reappear. My GP wrote to the consultant who'd operated on me but he suggested another course of zoladex which we both felt was too extreme. I'm now on progestin only pills (cerazette) continuously along with the coil, and so far that seems to be working. According to the leaflet that comes with the mirena, the hormones it provides do decrease over time (50% less after 5 years) so I wonder whether it's just not enough for those of us with endo? I hope you get results and do go back to see your GP. X

  • Hi definitely go back to your GP and yes ask to be referred to a different gynaecologist. I don't have a mirena it doesn't suit me but I have been having Depo Provera injections for the past 18 months and like you on the mirena it has stopped working to a degree, 11 weeks ago when I had my last injection and following a scan I was told I had had ovarian activity and I have been having period cramps almost daily I am seeing a gynaecologist tomorrow to discuss plus other issues I have going on. Like someone else said it would seem that progesterone only hormones seem to stop working after a time for us with Endo. I hope you get some answers you need soon.

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