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End diagnosis without laparoscopy?

Hi everyone, newbie here looking for advice/info.

Has anyone ever been diagnosed with endo without having a laparoscopy? Are there any other tests they can do to find out?

I'm terrified of general anaesthetic after my sister tragically went into cardiac arrest when having an everyday procedure done and died aged 26.

I'm 28, not had any kids and currently have the copper coil. Which I've had because I cannot have the combined pill and the mini pill did not agree with me, so non-hormonal was recommended. But it's not helping the pain so I've been told to switch to the depo injection (I was previously told to avoid this too as it's same as the mini pill) but I was also told today that there is a hormonal coil available that is stronger than the usual hormonal one which is only available of you've been diagnosed with endo. All my symptoms currently fit but I haven't officially been diagnosed yet and I'm reluctant to book the laparoscopy.

Have any of you been diagnosed other ways?

Have any of you tried the extra strong hormonal Coil?

Any advice would be great. I seem to be going round in circles being told one thing by one doctor and something else by another.

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Sorry, that should read 'Endo diagnosis without laparoscopy'


I think laparoscopy and testing of the cells removed is the only way to be sure, as far as I am aware xxx


Hi I was diagnosed with endo on my uterus and left ovary following an internal scan I have a follow up appointment with a gyne that I'm currently waiting for - I'm waiting to see if they will say lap is needed or not (I know this is the only way to officially diagnose) I'll keep you posted! I'm also not at all keen on a lap but I only suffer with discomfort and not the pain most people do.


Hey Girlytomboy.

At 14, I had a diagnosis of dysmenorrhea. My mom had stage four endo, and started recognizing the signs in me by a year after my period started. She took me in to my GP who said it was too early to tell, but I should take the pill to regulate cycles.

At 16, I had a "preliminary diagnosis" of endo without a lap. While my periods were more regular, I was still in huge amounts of pain, and sleeping too much because of exhaustion, and missing 3-5 days of school/month. The doctor did a pelvic exam and ordered an external ultrasound. He felt I was too young for a transvaginal ultra sound and a lap.

At 23, after bleeding for 3 months, I saw an OBGYN, who told me that lengthy bleeding wasn't abnormal and that I had a low pain tolerance and I needed to adapt, and he saw no need for an exploratory lap. My mother was LIVID and made me call the hospital back, get the doctor on the phone and tell him that I was going to have the lap done regardless of what he said. A month later, I went in for the lap and he found endo on my ovaries, bladder and intestines. Shocking.

Long story short---you may be able to get treatment for endo without the lap, but any sort of long term assistance will require the lap. At least in the US, most insurance companies are iffy of covering treatment if there isn't a "solid" diagnosis.

Both transvaginal and external ultra sounds are par for the course, but honestly, they don't do anything. Endo is rarely seen in the ultrasounds, even if it is all over. However, they require the ultrasounds to make sure it isn't cysts or other growths causing the pain.

I am so sorry about your sister. When talking with your doctors, bring in a list of your symptoms, and your family history. Be sure to include info about your sister and any women in your family who have had any "female" problems--painful periods, long periods, intense cramps, nausea/vomiting, constipation/diarrhea, etc.

I am 28 as well, and it sucks missing out on my twenties because of, what I call, "Dysfunctional anatomy." Try to keep your head up (I know, it is hard), find a compassionate doctor, and talk through your options.


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