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In agony 7 months after excision

I posted a few months ago with something similar, but I'm honestly at the end of my tether at the moment.

I had major surgery in November to excise endo and remove fibroids. Due to massive adhesions the surgery was 8 hours long.

I recovered really well and by the new year felt amazing. Things have steadily gone downhill since and my pain is becoming unbearable. It's different to the pain I had prior to surgery so I don't know if it's reoccurance of endo or something else.

My pain is all right sided, from my ribs down to my knee, with horrendous shooting pains in my back passage and through my vagina.

I'm wondering if it's nerve damage as a result of the surgery or if it's something linked to my bowel, although I don't have any of the traditional bowel endo symptoms.

Has anyone experienced anything like this post excision?

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I had horrible pain 8 months after my first excision and it turned out a large endometriosis cyst had formed. I think it was also adhered to my pelvic wall. That really hurt! xxx


It's just a complete nightmare. I'm on the waiting list for IVF, which looks to be another 6 months or so away, and I've got a horrible suspicion that it won't go ahead as I'll need more surgery by then.

Feel like I've already waited long enough! There's no rushing in women's health!

Did you have an ultrasound or a second lap to find the endometrioma?


I had an ultrasound and then a second lap to remove it xxx


Im exactly the same except mine was december and left side! Id say its bowel related! Before my surgery my pain went up and under my ribs and my bowel was being restricted from my fallopian tube which was suffering from a hydo-salpinx. My pain was back within a month of surgery. Very severe constipation was the worst of it! My gynea put me on pill, but told me no doubt my endo was back. I tried the pill back to back. It got worse. Went back, hes still in no doubt that my endo is back so as put me on zoladex. Wont give me an ultrasound and as pretty much said more surgery is off the cards atm. No idea why but he said he certainly wont be rushing to operate again? You can actually see my cyst as my left side is again back bigger than my right. Zoladex is doing nothing!


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