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In pain, confused and emotional


In October 2015 i had a sudden on set of pain and after seeing my doctor I was advised to go to the hospital where they kept me in and did Tests, they found blood and white cells in my urine so I was discharged after 3 days with antibiotics, my pain lasted for 4 weeks and nothing was helping!! Finally my pain went 🎉

In November 2015 my pain returned and I was admitted back to hospital where they put me in a bed and didn't do much, I again had blood and white cells in my urine, i was then being treated for constipation and was sent home with laxities and strong painkillers although the painkillers did nothing. I was advised to have a colonoscopy, which showed no problems and was completely clear, but yet my pain stayed for a few weeks. But then it went and I was pain free.

December 2015 I saw a gynecologist and in January 2016 they wanted to do a laparoscopy which showed minimal endometriosis, so they removed that and my pain went 🎉🎉

The end of April my pain returned and in may I was admitted to hospital again, they kept me in for 4days and again blood and white cells in my urine, they didn't know why, they did an ultrasound which showed I had fluid buildup in my womb but no one wanted to do anything so they discharged me, I was in so much pain I couldn't walk, but yet they lied on my discharge note and said that the pain had improved 😬😤 so I left the hospital and went to see my doctor who was disgusted with the way I was treated, so sent me to see a private gynecologist who was so helpful and put me at ease, he gave me a magic spray that took my pain away I was so happy!! Because it had worked I had my womb removed in September 2016 and my pain went 🎉🎉

Unfortunately it returned 6 weeks later and I went back to the gynecologist and I was given the magic spray again and again it took the pain away so finally on the 3rd February I had my ovaries removed and again my pain went 🎉🎉🎉

Then the 20th march my pain returned again I had blood and white cells in my urine and moving was so difficult, I was in so much that I went back to hospital with advice from my doctor, they gave me an injection in my arm to help the pain, but it did nothing. The next day I went to see my gynaecologist who felt my back and said he wanted me to have an MRI! So I went along and had it longest 43½ ever, i then went to see a spinal surgeon who said I had degeneration on my disks, so advised exercise, so I joined the gym and was feeling good again, so thought yes maybe that's it!!

Unfortunately not, on the 31st may my pain started to come back and by the Saturday I was in agony so today I went to see my doctor who tested my urine and yet again I had blood and white cells,the doctor also felt my tummy which again was very tender and really uncomfortable, she felt my spine and I had no pain coming from there, she said it's not my back causing the problem, but doesn't know what is!! My walking is not good am in lots of pain, painkillers do nothing... What do I do next... Was my full hysterectomy for nothing... What's wrong with me... 😤😢😭😨

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