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Decapeptyl Injection

Hi, im due to start the Decaptyl Sr injection to hopefully stop the pain of my Endo & Ovulation..... At my appt with my Consultant I was told many things with lots of info so some things kinda went over my head and I didn't manage to think of all the questions to go with my new diagnosigages so my question is, can I still have eggs frozen after i have started my course if Decap injections or best to wait to start them after eggs frozen? I just found out my only way of conceiving is through IVF but cannot affoard it just now, hense wanting to freeze my eggs! I'm awaiting appt with fertility clinic but probs be months down the line & I want to start injections sooner rather than later..... Sorry for long post, my head has information overload going on! Thanks x

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I think Decapeptyl is a gnrh like prostap in which case it will shut down your ovaries and put you into a temporary menopause. In menopause you won't develop eggs or ovulate so I'd think you need to get the embryos frozen first. After your course of injections is up your body should kick back in and ovulation should re-occur and then you'd be able to go through the process of freezing eggs. If you want to freeze your eggs sooner rather than later you would need to get advice on that before having your first injection. Good luck.


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