Northisterone experiences

Hi all! (Sorry for the long post in advance)

Just wondering if I can have some of your experiences after taking Northisterone. I have PCOS as well as Endometriosis and after being on Prostap about 12 months ago now, my periods have never really returned properly.

My consultant advised that if I don't have a bleed every 12 weeks I need to have an induced one (by taking Northisterone). It had been about 5 months so last week I started taking the Northisterone. I had a horrendous bleed. It got to the point I took myself to A&E which In the last 9 years of having endometriosis I have never done in the past.

I was put on Tranxemanic Acid to stop the bleeding. After being made to feel like there was nothing wrong in A&E for the 1st few hours they suggested I stay in but they was just going to give me Oramoph which I have at home.

I was just wondering if anyone has experienced the same issues and if after taking Northisterone did it regulate your periods?

Many thanks in advance!


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