Drs are not much help

So I went to my menopause appointment 2 weeks ago. Dr rushed the appointment. I asked if I could get further tests to confirm my endo but he was convinced the enteral scan I had months ago was enough to suggest I have it.

Than I mentioned how my pills (progesterone) make me very dizzy and drowsy and if 200mg was right dose for me as I'm so petite. Once again he said it's fine they are suppose to make you really dizzy 😨

With that my appointment was 5mins and I was done. I had so many questions 😣

Took me an hour and a half to get there all for a rushed 5mins appointment.

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  • Have they offered you any treatment for the endometriosis? Usually they put you on Zoladex before the operation to remove it.

    The dizziness could be related to endo, I suspect mine was due to fluid build up in my ear caused by inflammation. The inflammation is caused by the body's reaction to the endo. It doesn't matter how many doctors say it can't be related, my dizziness has come and gone with the endo. Each time I was on Zoladex I never had any dizzyness, the worse the endo got the worse the dizziness got, went on HRT and the dizziness came back, stopped HRT and the dizziness went.

  • Totally agree my GP is useless when it comes to Endo unless u got something simple they can see and treat they just look at you like what do you want me to do? I hate going to my GP they haven't got a clue my doctor also thinks because I've had an operation I am cured 😑

  • I would seek a second opinion ask around to find a good gp. That's how I found d my current on which is good. ou need a laparoscopy to confirm end. Xx

  • What do you mean by menopause appt? It sounds like they might be thinking of zoladex (or similar) then add back HrT.

    Definitely need a second opinion with a endometriosis specialist gynae.

    And agree you need a lap to confirm endo. An internal US can't do that.

    Best of luck.

  • I'm already seeing a gynaecologist for my endo Iv never been on Zoladex. I'm on other HRT medication.

  • I'm seeing gynaecologists but they are convinced that I don't need any other tests to confirm I have endo. It's all there from internal scan and blood tests.

    I'm in pain too. Can't tell if it's my endo or ibs as I have both conditions. Leaves me really weak and drained this pain. Heart rate shoots up and I just feel awful.

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