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Anyone else get more pain after period/until ovulation ?

Hey guys,

Just wanted to ask if anyone experiences this. From day 1of period it's horrid pain but get to day 5 I'm ok. I stop bleeding but then I start getting constant aches, like period cramps before you get an almighty Sharp wave. I'll be bloated, sex will hurt and it'll get worse until it peaks at ovulation. It'll be semi ok for like a few days then I get it all again as I'm due in a week or two. Mine is quite bowel related to - agony to try poop lol. Does anyone else get this? It's like the main issue I have, constant pain just brings me down.

Happy Monday !


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Hi Nic,

I have severe pelvic pain after period, that starts around day 7 of the cicle, peakes around day 11 and goes away at ovulation. I can only manage this with lots of ibuprofen. I also have light spoting in this time and a feeling of swelling and soreness in the pelvic area. I had laporoscopy and I don't have endo. Did you have any investigations yet? lap or mri?


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