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New to taking cerelle..please help

I am new to taking cerelle for heavy and painful periods .. i'm 2 days from completing a whole month and I've come on my period ! My period was due 3rd may so today 20th may I have come on with the most horrendous pain in stomach and pelvic bones..i always have these horrendous pain and sometimes a period that can last 11 days ! I'm 33 and work and had to have 11 days off work last month as I couldn't move from my bed it completely ruins my life hence why my gp has started me on cerelle...i really thought it would stop my periods ..anyone else with experience of cerelle ?

Also I am awaiting another transvaginal scan as previous ive had a thick womb liming ..

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A couple of years back I went to dr with migraines which resulted in her switching me from Yasmin and trying a few others. One was cerelle and My period felt like they did before being on the pill, rolling in pain :(

I guess that specific pill just really doesn't suit you or me. Has your gp suggested any other possibilities?

I begged mine to put me back on Yasmin, she eventually agreed but only to Lucette which is apparently exactly the same but cheaper.

All the best!



I had to have atransvaginal scan some time back that showed my womb lining to be thicker then it should however this was because of years of no periods and myself being over weight ..since I've nearly shed 6 stone my periods are back and I think trying to finish me off lol ..ive been given mefaformic acid (something like that) for the pain this done absolutely nothing ! I went back to my gp recently after having 11 days off work in pain and heavy bleeding for him to give me cerelle to try and another trans vag scan .(next couple of weeks) he did say every women is different but give it a go well I was due on the 3rd of may obviously being the 21st now I thought yippy no periods for me but no such luck here I am in bed hot water bottles naproxen(that may I add gives me light relief for an hour or so) and horrendous stomach gurgling noises HA and lookslike no work for me tomorrow ! I wouldn't mind so much if my periods was 3 days of hell but mine are 11 days of hell ..very very draining and upsetting people don't realise this actually ruins my life .month after month I dread it 😣😣😣


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