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What options do i have if Im planning on having baby no2 in the next year?


I was diagnosed with Endo following a lap in Oct 2014. Up until that point my health issues had been a mix of IBS, PCOS, painful bladder, bad sciatica, anal fissures/bleeding.

I conceived with the help of clomid May 2015.

I loved not having periods for those 9 months, but when my daughter was about 4 months old and my periods came back, I started having pain that i'd not experienced before. The sciatica pain is more in my bum/vagina now. My pelvis feels really unstable and keeps clicking as if its out of place. My bladder feels painful like its about to burst every morning. My ovulation pain starts about 2 weeks before my period and my periods are getting closer and closer together. I've gone from having periods every 40-60 days pre-baby to as little as 23 days last month....so I'm pretty much in pain for 2 wks out of 4.

Another issue that really bugs me is for the past 4 years i've also been experiencing extreme loss of libido. I used to have a very high sex drive, but for the last few years its literally disappeared, which i find really upsetting as thats just not me.

I spoke to a doctor and explained the new pain i was feeling and the loss of libido. I asked if he thought i should go have another lap and see if its got worse. He said that if I'm planning on baby no 2 in the next year then its best not to. We are hoping to try for no 2, so If this option is out then what should i do.....i have not idea what to take for the pain? Should i get my hormones tested to see if thats effecting my libido?

any advice very much appreciates ladies xx

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Hello did you say if your doctor did lap did he check your overies for fibroids. I too had endo and I had one child, but after my child was born the pain got so bad, I was a single mom and had seizures, and chose not to have anymore children and asked for hysterectomy to stop bleeding and periods due to endometriosis. The doctor took it out but left my overies in for hormones, but The pain was Sharp and the doctor went in found fibroids about size of plumb, he drained it but didnt remove my overies. The pain came back again bad, saw another OBGYN, who saw the fibroids came back, so he did the surgery to remove my overies. Havent had anymore pain If you are still having pain and want to have another child, I would have your OBGYN check your overies again to make sure you dont have any more fibroids or cysts, if so they can drain them put you on birth control for a couple months to let them get healthy, then go off once feeling better and try for baby #2 best wishes


Adoption is a great option if you want to expand your family. It won't tax your body any more than it already has been and you'll be saving a life by giving a child a loving home. 😊

(If it weren't for my adopted parents, I don't know where I'd be today. I hope I can give back one day and pass on my good fortune. There are just so many kids out there desperate to be loved. To an adopted kid, their parents are super heroes, literally saving their lives. ❤️)

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