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Decapectyl long term

Hi all, So I've just come back from seeing my consultant. I had a laparoscopy in December to remove a cyst and cut my bowels free of my abdomen where they Had attached with fibroids. I have stage 2 endo on my pudendal nerve which causes back pain, nerve pain in my nethers and discomfort and infections in my bartholins gland. There has been a good improvement from the surgery but the spots on my nerve and in bartholins gland can only be treated by shutting down my ovaries. I've just finished my first 3month injection and the nerve pain is returning. The options he gave me today are to continue with injections ( I can have 3 more) in the hopes it kills it off. If that fails I'm looking at having my ovaries removed . However I've just researched that and The side effects imo mean that's a hard no, I'm 43 yo and overweight so I don't need to be adding even more risks like heart disease etc.

Has anyone else been on the decapectyl long term and did it help ?

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