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Laparoscopy to look for Endo, but all test prior to are normal. So frustrated 😩

ibe been struggling with constant aches in my pelvis to my hips for the past two years. I spot and bleed almost every day of the month & my periods are extremely heavy and last for 8 full days. Previously in 2013 I was diagnosed with PCOS and had many high grade abnormal paps. I did 2 leeps and a biopsy that all came back normal. I was so frustrated with no definite answer that I just stopped going all together. It's been two years since my last visit and over the past two years I've developed constant pelvic ache radiating into my hips.

I finally went to see a GYN ONC due to my current constant pain and bleeding. He suggested a lap & that it is most likely Endometriosis . I am scheduled for the lap next week but he had me do a pelvic US today. My previous transvag US diagnosed the PCOS. This one today was just a pelvic no transvag. It showed everything normal even my ovaries 😡😩 I also have a normal PAP this time too. So he is adamant about his being Endo. They diagnosed all the abnormalities a few years back just from a routine check up, I had no pain. Now when I have pain and bleeding everything is normal?! Also I was told the PCOS does not go away by the symptoms can be regulated. Now all of a sudden I don't even have that anymore??

Does this pelvic US being normal mean I probably do not have Endometrosis either? I feel like they think I'm delusional and making this stuff up! I'm so frustrated. I am not one to go to the doc but this pain got so bad I gave in and went back. I'm also worried that the lap is just going to be normal since the US is and I will have done it for nothing. Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this before?? Any advice would be so appreciated. ❤️

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Hi Paige

I had a transvaginal ultrasound before my lap which only picked up some fluid behind my uterus. Everything else looked normal. My consultant thought the fluid could indicate endometriosis and he was right. The lap diagnosed endometriosis and strongly suggested adenomyosis (which can't be confirmed without a hysterectomy and tissue analysis). I'm not sure every surgeon would have picked up the significance of the fluid. My ultrasound was otherwise normal, so a normal ultrasound doesn't eliminate endometriosis. I can't comment on your PCOS and why your ultrasound is now normal from that perspective, but I hope that helps.

Take care



All my tests prior to laparoscopy were clear, but during lap found widespread stage 3 endo. No test is proven to diagnose endo, unfortunately only laparoscopy. Best of luck x


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