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Normal pap & Pelvic US, now lap to check for Endo?

ibe been struggling with constant aches in my pelvis to my hips for the past two years. I spot and bleed almost every day of the month & my periods are extremely heavy and last for 8 full days. Previously in 2013 I was diagnosed with PCOS and had many high grade abnormal paps. I did 2 leeps and a biopsy that all came back normal. I was so frustrated with no definite answer that I just stopped going all together. It's been two years since my last visit and over the past two years I've developed constant pelvic ache radiating into my hips.

I finally went to see a GYN ONC due to my current constant pain and bleeding. He suggested a lap & that it is most likely Endometriosis . I am scheduled for the lap next week but he had me do a pelvic US today. My previous transvag US diagnosed the PCOS. This one today was just a pelvic no transvag. It showed everything normal even my ovaries 😡😩 I also have a normal PAP this time too. So he is adamant about his being Endo. They diagnosed all the abnormalities a few years back just from a routine check up, I had no pain. Now when I have pain and bleeding everything is normal?! Also I was told the PCOS does not go away by the symptoms can be regulated. Now all of a sudden I don't even have that anymore??

Does this pelvic US being normal mean I probably do not have Endo either? I feel like they think I'm delusional and making this stuff up! I'm so frustrated. I am not one to go to the doc but this pain got so bad I gave in and went back. I'm also worried that the lap is just going to be normal since the US is and I will have done it for nothing. Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this before?? Any advice would be so appreciated. ❤️

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