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New to all of this

hello everyone I have had endometriosis since Oct 2016 they found it while I was having my appendix out I have painkillers from my doctor i only have pain when im meant to be on my period I don't normal have periods because Im on the depo injection well two days ago I started bleeding really heavy im changing every half a hour and in a lot of pain the painkillers I got from the doctors ate not working I have been sleeping a lot going dizzy o will try and get a doctors appointment tomorrow 😀

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You definitely should go to the doctors, I don't think it's right to be bleeding heavily on depo. Maybe other ladies who have had depo can advise more xxx


Get to the doctors asap, I was on depo and various other endo friends have and they stopped periods or reduced to spotting. Bleeding that heavily is not normal. Please keep us updated xx


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